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High Biomedical Technologies from Basic Research to Implementation

11 February 2016



Dear colleagues!


We invite you to participate in the All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with International Participation “High Biomedical Technology: from Basic Research to Implementation” dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Perm State University, the oldest university in Ural. The goal of the conference is to create favorable environment for exchanging experience between Russian and overseas scientists solving fundamental problems of improving the quality of life and health of people.


June 04 – July 06, 2016.




  1. Bioresources and smart use of natural resources. Participants of the section.
  2. Materials science for development and functioning of modern high-strength bioimplants and endoprostheses. Participants of the section.
  3. Synthesis of biologically active compounds. Participants of the section.
  4. Biomedical technologies that improve the quality of life. Participants of the section.




Academic Secretary

Andrey A. Yelkin

Phone: +7 963 860 6756

+7(342) 280 81 14

Fax: +7(342) 280 92 11

E-mail: an220@mail.ru

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